Brain-Changing Strategies to Trauma-Proof Our Schools – Maggie Kline


Stop trauma in its tracks, address disruptive behaviors, and create a safe and nurturing school environment with a neuroscience-based approach in your classroom.



More than 32 million children in the US suffer from trauma symptoms. Some have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), like neglect, abuse, violence, and loss, or have experienced distress from medical trauma and social injustice. Toxic traumatic stress shapes the structure and function of both brain and body, which can lead to anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, shutting down, and acting out–emotions and behaviors that hinder learning and create classroom chaos.

Maggie Kline, a family therapist, trauma specialist, school psychologist, and former teacher, gives you whole-brain, heart-centered tools to identify and reverse trauma-driven behaviors so students feel supported and safe. Her unique roadmap will empower you to facilitate positive school-wide outcomes as you learn:

How trauma alters kids’ brains causing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges
Evidence-based somatic, relational, and mindfulness interventions to rewire reactivity
How to manage Pre-K-12 classrooms to promote empathy, cooperation, and belonging
Social equity practices so kids from all backgrounds feel safe, valued, and joyful
Concrete steps to restore resilience following natural and man-made catastrophes